From PRWeek:  

         “Sherri Deatherage Green is an invaluable contributor to PRWeek magazine, which is a global brand and the leading publication for the public relations industry. Sherri has been writing for us since we launched the U.S. edition five years ago and has been instrumental in establishing PRWeek as a credible, authoritative source for PR professionals in Texas, the Southwest and beyond. On a weekly basis, Sherri provides us with news, profiles, features and regional reports, all written to a consistently high standard. We consider her one of our most important assets.”

— Julia Hood, Editor-in-chief, PRWeek (2003) 


         “It is hard to put a value on Sherri Deatherage Green’s contribution to PRWeek magazine. PRWeek is now an established global title with separate editions in the UK, Germany, Asia and a major nationwide presence in the U.S. But when we first arrived in the U.S., we knew little about the nation, its media or its marketing industry. We needed people who knew the lay of the land and had a good knowledge of business also. Sherri was an experienced journalist who fit that description, and she started work for us as our correspondent for Texas and the south of the country. Since then, Sherri has provided us with news stories, analyses and features on a weekly basis. She has an unerring knack of knowing a worthwhile story from a bit of fluff, and she is — in my opinion — one of the best writers to have worked for any of our editions. Her knowledge of the media, advertising, PR and Internet marketplaces is impressive, and she clearly has a great contact book. What’s more, and surely this is always the most important thing, she is a pleasure to work with.”

    Jonah Bloom, former editor-in-chief, PRWeek; currently executive editor, Advertising Age 


a former boss:



      “When Sherri came to the Department of Public Safety, she hit the ground running. We had only three public information professionals for a big state. Sherri was and is a fast learner, a good writer, enthusiastic and smart. I don’t have a vacancy where I work today, but if I did, I’d hire her again in a minute.

Mike Cox, communications director, Texas Department of Transportation 
Former chief of media relations, Texas Department of Public Safety


Texas Technology and California Technology:

     “Sherri is one of the best free-lancers we work with. Her stories are always filled with great sources, thoughtful quotes, and important information. She’s also so easy to work with.”

Laurie Kline, former editor


National Safety Council:

     “I edit two public-policy magazines that publish features by free-lance journalists. Finding talented, solid journalists is ever the challenge. Since I’ve assumed this position, Sherri Deatherage Green has emerged as one of the best reporters and writers I’ve found. Sherri does good journalism, writes well, and files crystal clean copy, on time. She pitches great story ideas. . . Plus, she’s a real pleasure to work with.”

Jennifer M. Grow, former editor
 Every Second Counts & Traffic Safety magazines



Sherry Matthews
Advertising and 
Public Relations:

     “We called on Sherri to write our On the Road in Texas radio public service announcements because of her comprehensive background in traffic safety, but we were soon delighted to learn that her writing ability matched her subject-matter expertise.”

Janet Lea, vice president (former client)



Food and 
Service News:

     “Sherri Deatherage Green is an extremely talented writer who has good judgment about which information to include in an article and what to leave out. She gets the facts straight, conscientiously follows up on all details and meets deadlines. Plus she is easy to work with and makes a mean tequila lime salsa.”

  Cheryl Lockhart, former managing editor


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