People who do good work:


My husband, Michael Green, made an entire movie! He also updated my website.


My good friend Paul Klinger designed the site originally, but is no longer in the biz. He’s now IT director for a private school in Laredo.


My former boss and mentor, Mike Cox, can tell you anything you ever wanted to know about transportation or the history of the Texas Rangers. Check out his latest book, “Texas Disasters: True Stories of Tragedy and Survival.”


Kathy Piersall is an excellent graphic artist in Tulsa with whom I worked on various volunteer and paid projects.


If you ever need a massage in Austin, call my sister, Jackie Gaston.



Two of my favorite lawyers:


Albert Hollan lives in Sugar Land and plays a mean mandolin. If you live in Fort Bend County, vote for Albert if he decides to run for district judge again.


David Tracy lives in Tulsa and sings in the church choir! That’s him, back center.



Music links:


I often say that bluegrass can be more fun to play than to listen to, especially if I’m involved. That’s why I only go out to the Swinging Door to play with the Brazos River Pickers (BRP) every once in a great while. I don’t want to mess up their groove! But I try not to miss Tuesday nights at the First Presbyterian Church in Sugar Land. Sam Grice’s bunch just jams – no rehearsal required!


BPR proves that bluegrass is a participation sport, and it can be a public service. You can hear them play monthly during the winter at Brazos Bend State Park.


I sure miss my Tulsa picking buddies. Here’s a picture of some of them playing in my old den. Ah, for another Friday night at the Tulsa Press Club!


Some of my other Tulsa friends are making their own brand of goth music these days. Check out Corvo.


Here are a few of my favorite artists:

John Prine, my musical hero.

And of course, the late, great Steve Goodman.

Guy Clark, dean of Texas music.

Roger Cline continues to write good tunes without the Refreshments.

I’m a big Everclear fan, too.







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